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  • Do You Need a Blog to Start a Podcast?

    One of the questions I get a lot from you guys is, do you need a blog to have a podcast? Quick answer? Yes. Now, will it work without it? Yes. You can send people to your iTunes show page and call it a day. However. These days, engagement is the name of the proverbial […]

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  • I’m Launching My First Podcasting Course: Stress-Free Podcasting!

      I will be launching my first podcasting course “Stress Free Podcasting” on August 11. (You may have taken my survey about this course and what you’d like to see.) What I’ve heardĀ from talking to you and reading your survey feedback are 2 things: 1. There’s a lot of interest in podcasting. You want to […]

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  • Tell Me What’s Keeping You From Starting a Podcast

        What’s keeping you from starting a podcast? I’m creating a course that launches August 11,2015 for people who either already have a blog and want to start a podcast, or have been planning a podcast but haven’t launched yet. I want to make it easy for more people to get into podcasting without […]

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New Course Coming August 11, Stress-Free Podcasting